A drill is a machine fitted with a rotating cutting tool, usually a drill bit, and is used for drilling holes in various materials. The cutting tool is gripped by a chuck at one end of the drill and it is rotated while pressed against the target material. The tip of the cutting tool does the work of cutting into the target material. Grand Marshall Machinery stocks many different kinds of drills including: Drilling & Tapping machines, Multiple Spindle Drills, Radial Drills, Single Spindle Drills, and Turret Drills. All of the drills that we offer are checked by a qualified technician on our warehouse floor and are guaranteed to be in good working order at time of shipment. In addition, our inventory of drills may be inspected under power at our Hauppauge (Long Island), NY warehouse at any time during the buying process. Some of the brands of drills which we have inventoried are: Allen, Alzmetall American, Arboga, Burgmaster, Carlton, Caser, Cincinnati Bickford, Cincinnati Gilbert, Cleereman, Delta, DoAll, Foradia, Fosdick, Giddings & Lewis Bickford, Ikeda, Jet, Johannson, Kao Ming, Kaukauna, Leland Gifford, Meuser, Nardini, Ogawa, Ooya, Powermatic, Royal Fortune, Sharp, South Bend Ibarmia, Supermax, Willis Bergonzi, Wilton, WMW Heckert, and Yoshida. Please allow us to assist you in your search for your next used drill by contacting us at sales@grandmarshallmachinery.com or calling us at 631-777-3600.

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