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  1. Oct 13, 2016IMP_GM3634-Insertion Press
    Oct 13, 2016GRZ_MV584-Vertical Universal Grinder
    Oct 13, 2016BOT_C1223-Hi-Column Vertical Boring Mill
    Oct 13, 2016XSA_GM2135B-Extra Heavy Duty Manual Hydrostatic Lift Rotary Table
    Oct 13, 2016JIB_MV478-Bridge-Type Jig Borer
    Oct 13, 2016GIW_GM3184-Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine
    Oct 13, 2016DEB_GM3253-Metal Edge Finishing and Deburring Machine
    Oct 13, 2016GRL_MV502-Hand Feed Surface Grinder With Rebuilt Spindle
    Oct 13, 2016BPR_GM2680-Hydraulic Press Brake
    Oct 13, 2016XSA_PE16-Horizontal/Vertical CNC Rotary Table
    Oct 13, 2016XXQ_MV562-Honing Machine
    Oct 13, 2016XST_MV546-Three-Jaw 'Sure-Grip' Hydraulic Chuck
    Oct 13, 2016PSH_GM3337-Open Back Stationary High Speed Hydraulic Press
    Oct 13, 2016XSA_GM3233-Vertical CNC Rotary Table
    Oct 13, 2016FES_GM3637-Air Feed/Straightener
    Oct 13, 2016BPR_GM3546-Downacting Hydraulic Press Brake
    Oct 13, 2016LAV_GM2366-Heavy Duty Sliding Bed Gap Lathe
    Oct 13, 2016XST_GM3388-Facing & Boring Head
    Oct 13, 2016SHP_GM3490-Gap Frame Foot Shear
    Oct 13, 2016XSA_GM3652-Horizontal Rotary Table
    Oct 13, 2016XSA_GM3744-Motorized Rotary Table With Optical Settings
    Oct 13, 2016SHS_GM3656-Mechanical Power Squaring Shear
    Oct 13, 2016WTT_GM3693-Welding Turntable
    Oct 13, 2016GNJ_GM3775-End Mill Grinder
    Oct 13, 2016DRG_GM3714-Round Column Geared Single Spindle Drill with Production Table
    Oct 13, 2016GRV_GM3749-Form Relief Grinder
    Oct 13, 2016XSA_GM3731-Horizontal/Vertical T-Slotted Programmable Rotary Table
    Oct 13, 2016GIM_GM3752-Grinding System With Model C-6 DedTru Centerless Grinding Unit S/N 127 Mounted on Top of Model 612 HARIG Base S/N 5384
    Oct 13, 2016XSA_GM3739-Heavy Duty Hydrostatic Lift T-Slotted Rotary Table
    Oct 13, 2016XTG_GM3812-Hydraulic Fabricator
    Nov 14, 2016OIL_MV589-Combination CNC/Manual Engine Lathe
    Nov 18, 2016CMF_GM3750-Optical Comparator
    Nov 21, 2016GRL_MV590-Hydraulic Surface Grinder
    Dec 13, 2016DRP_GM3858-Universal Radial Arm Drill Press
    Dec 19, 2016XWY_GM3866-Double Column (Bridge-Type) Vertical Machining Center
    Jan 4, 2017GIM_MV591-Centerless Grinding Machine
    Jan 6, 2017GRV_GM3854-Precision Tool Grinding & Lapping Machine
    Jan 20, 2017SAF_GM3622-Horizontal Band Saw
    Jan 23, 2017XWI_GM3874-Combination Turret-Type Vertical Mill And Independent Horizontal Spindle
    Feb 10, 2017GIW_GM3861-Universal Cylindrical Grinder
    Feb 21, 2017XSA_GM3308A-Two-Axis CNC Rotary Table
    Mar 9, 2017GRL_GM3884-High Column Hydraulic Feed Surface Grinder
    Mar 22, 2017XWY_GM3841-Vertical Machining Center
    Mar 24, 2017XWY_GM3300-Three-Axis Vertical Machining Center
    Mar 27, 2017SAF_GM3199-Horizontal Band Saw
    Mar 29, 2017GIW_GM3860-Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine
    Mar 30, 2017SAF_GM3615-Automatic Horizontal Band Saw
    May 4, 2017CMF_GM3663-Optical Comparator
    May 12, 2017DEC_GM3990-"Pallet Reel" Pallet Decoiler
    Sep 14, 2017CMF_MV594-Optical Comparator